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Answering My Calling:
An Inspirational Guide to Fulfilling Your Purpose
Recently published by yours truly. This easy to read book was written to celebrate the human experience and inspire anyone who is seeking a higher calling in his/her life.
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The Community Prison Awareness & Prevention Gathering
A solution focused forum to bring awareness of the affects of incarceration on families and communities.
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"I'm just writing you these lines to say thank you, not just for the nice card and words that you wrote me, but also for your faith…You not only take time to bring us The Word of God, but also encourage us through mail, and that's a plus brother, thank you. " J.M.
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Welcome to my site!

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Winston Taylor combines his professional experiences in social work, community organization, volunteer services, business and religion under one umbrella (working with children, young people & families, imprisoned, homeless, mentoring programs, organizations and communities of faith), aiming to help people help themselves and build bridges to happier and healthier communities.

He is on a winning team and would like to share his successes with others so that they might reach their full potential.

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