Presentations, Workshops & Consultations

The areas of service provision listed on this web site can be tailored to address your specific individual and group needs. Please also note that the listed services can be obtained in the form of presentations, workshops and/or consultations. Services must be requested in advance and can be requested as many times as you wish. Click here to contact me.


Studies already support that people do better in life when they have mentors to guide them through life. Mentors are needed in just about all arenas (career, education, athletics, arts, spiritual etc.).

Winston Taylor has experience in enhancing already existing mentoring programs and in developing and implementing new mentoring programs. He is able to assist in recruitment, training, selection, and evaluation phases. Read his bio for more details on his involvement with mentoring programs.

Motivational Speaking:

Winston offers motivational speaking, covering various topics and audiences for informal or formal events (business related, private, educational, community or religious). The talks can be designed for children and teens, youth at risk, persons incarcerated as well as for communities of faith. Winston relates in a humorous but frank manner his personal experiences as they relate to the subject matter in order to captivate and inspire his audiences.

Employment Preparation & Career Development:

Designed to assist in preparing for employment and upward mobility on the job. Some features include writing cover letters and resumes, developing interviewing skills, searching for employment, getting and keeping a job, developing marketable skills, and career development.

Youth At Risk & Delinquent:

Geared for youth, professionals, care givers, and youth workers. The topics include early intervention and prevention strategies to address and prevent youth crimes, improving self-esteem/interpersonal skills, coping with peer pressure, dealing with depression and suicide ideation, birth control, identity, educational/vocational exploration, and cultural and recreational experiences just to name a few.

Family Advocacy:

Designed for those interested in learning how to effectively work with families and various social service agencies in order to secure services. Also included in this series ways to empower families and how to keep children safe and families together in their communities.

Criminal Justice System:

Created for persons in law enforcement, community leaders, citizens, incarcerated persons and those who are affected by the criminal justice system. Topics include working effectively with the police, courts, probation and Department of Corrections; training law enforcement personnel on how to work effectively with the community; alternatives to incarceration programs; affects of incarceration on individuals, families, friends and communities; affects of racism in the judicial system on African American and minorities; over crowding in prisons; treatment services while incarcerated, visitation and after care services.

Religious Education:

Available for all ages for beginners and can be arranged for individuals or groups. Practical biblical truths and life applications are the main emphasis. How to develop outreach ministries is another feature in this series.

Cultural/Diversity Training:

Geared for those interested in improving race relations, working together in a multi-cultural community. Topics in this series also include understanding Africa, Israel, Japan, China, Jamaica, Haiti, and Puerto Rico.

Networking and Referral Services:

Designed for those interested in learning how to connect people to community services such as substance abuse centers, mental health clinics, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment sites, plan parenting, homeless shelters, food pantries, domestic violence counseling, etc. How to form collaborations and community development are also topics presented.